Our Guarantee - Our Goal
Absolute #1, top priority is helping you to achieve your goals, and to understand exactly what they are so that we can better serve you. The more we can understand, the better we can help you. It's the very reason why we are committed to building a long-term relationship - not just sell parts (heck, anyone can do that!) - and being a partner in helping your business be successful. If you're successful, then we can rest assured that we've done our job. Your success equals our success.

Whether big or small, each one of you is Numero Uno in our books, and we will treat you as such. That's our guarantee, and our goal.

Don't Worry, Be Happy
What do we want? Ultimately, it is your satisfaction and happiness. How do we do that? By truly listening to you and your needs. If you're happy, we're happy. If you're satisfied, we are too. In fact, we aren't satisfied, unless you are, and we won't stop until you are. We are committed to each and every one of our customers and doing whatever we can to achieve the lofty goal of 100% satisfaction. Is that realistic? Only if we think it can be. Sure, mistakes are going to happen - that's just a part of life, and its unrealistic to think they won't happen... but it is how the mistakes are handled that counts - how a company reacts in difficult times is what matters. When problems and mistakes arise, resolutions of those problems and working with you in partnership to resolve those issues is what forges a lasting relationship. That's what we are committed to. That's the peace of mind that you get with us. There's no doubt that this takes hard work - but it's all worth it, because you are worth it. We've been around a long time for a reason, and it's this very reason that we are still here today. 100% satisfaction = 100% success. Sounds like a winning formula to us!

Going Above and Beyond
And, while we all hear about giving 110%, we'd love to be able to claim that as well. Truth be told, honestly, you can only give a maximum of 100%. You can only give as much as you have, and so it is our commitment to you to do so - you have our word that we'll give 100% and nothing less. If there is anything more than that, well, surely we will do everything that we can to go above and beyond. You know, we can promise you the moon and stars, but if we can't deliver, those promises mean nothing. What you have in us, is our word that we will uphold our promises to you, and we won't promise you something just because it sounds good; we won't promise you something that we can't deliver on. Keeping it real - that's what it's all about.You are our lifeblood - you are our business - you, our customers, as much as we, are E.H. Lynn Industries. We exist for you, and because of you.

It's All About Relationships: Friends and Family
From Day 1, it's always been about our commitment to providing you the best service, and the very best products at the best value that is possible, and continuing to provide all of this on an ongoing basis in order to forge a lasting relationship built on trust. Just like on a personal level, our friends and family are extremely important to us, we view you - our customers - as part of our extended family - a relationship that is equally as important.

In providing the best service, we are capable of finding viable alternatives whenever possible, and providing the best, most responsive customer service that we can. We pride ourselves on you being able to reach a live, human person rather than a long list of computer recordings and prompts. We know that reaching a warm, friendly voice in this day and age of cold, digital recordings is not only priceless, it's still very important to us that you are able to do so.

You as our customer are an extension of us as a company, as a network of friends, as a family. We know when we gain your business, we aren't just gaining another customer, we are gaining a friend, a family member.

The E.H Lynn Difference
It is everything herein that separates us from all the rest - you as our top priority, our commitment to customer service and product support and bringing you quality products. While it certainly helps being around for 60+ years as well (we think we know what we are talking about, and we think we have proven the test of time), the past doesn't matter if you don't constantly walk the talk - it's what you do in the present that creates your future - which is why we commit each and every day to bring you the best combination of customer service, aftersale support and everything in-between and beyond. More than anything, we want you to be happy in every way possible when dealing with us.

Thank You!
We have been blessed over the years because of you - our customers. We are always pleased, grateful and honored when the opportunity arises to earn your business. If you haven't been a customer, we'd love to hear from you and how we can help. It is our hope that not only are we given that opportunity, and that your experience reflects what is in black and white on this page, but that we are able to retain that opportunity time and time again, in getting to know you as more than just a customer, but as people in building long-lasting, fruitful relationships. We hope that we can prove all these words to be true (we definitely like when we are proven right!). Thank you very much!