Viton Seal Ground Joint Coupling

Leaks Costing You?

Then it's time for you to save money, eliminate leaks and improve safety with the Viton Seal Ground Joint Coupling by Campbell Fittings.

Steam leak at coupling/spud connection

Steam leak at the coupling/spud

Steam leak at coupling/clamp

Steam leak at the coupling/clamp

Cost of a Small Leak

Consider the following scenario:

Steam Loss at a rate of 2.6 lbs per minute

  • Production Cost:  $11.00/1,000 lbs.
  • 1 Day Cost:  $41
  • 1-Week Cost:  $287
  • 1-Month Cost:  $1,250

If the average steam season lasts 5-months, then that's $6,200 worth of steam loss
for each and every coupling in operation! Enough math for you?

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