Ranger Pumps, Rebuild Kits, Quad Lip Seals

Ranger Pumps are American-made precision built helical gear pumps for industrial applications. The capacity range is available from 25 GPM to 360 GPM and pressures up to 125 PSI.

They are designed to use as low-speed pumps for both low and high viscosity liquids. Viscosities upward to 1,000,000 SSU (200,000 CP) can be pumped. They can also be supplied as standard with stuffing box packing or single mechanical seals, as well as easily converted from one arrangement to the other. Several types of both packing and seals are available for various applications; for example - high temperatures or corrosive conditions.

  • Positive shaft and gear support with four internal bearings
  • Dowel pins insure positive pump alignment
  • Hardened gears and shafts for long service life
  • Integral speed reducer available as option
  • Field adjustable relief available
  • Fabrication options include Base, Coupling and Drives

Ranger Pump

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Quad Lip Seals for 11, 17, 22 and 48 Series

11, 17, 22 Series

48 Series

Item #: RP228MHBFRV-0127
In-Stock UOM : EA


3 in 180 Pump Brz/Stl/Std/Relief
Item #: RP228PHBFRV-0116
In-Stock UOM : EA


Item #: RP228PHBFRV-0122
**Price May Vary** UOM : EA


3 in 90 Gear Pump Carb/SS/Graph/RV
Item #: RP229PGOFRV-0410
In-Stock UOM : EA


Item #: RP229PHBF
**Price May Vary** UOM : EA


Item #: RP229PHBFRV
In-Stock UOM : EA


Item #: RP229PHHF-0178
In-Stock UOM : EA


Item #: RP229PHHFRV-0178
In-Stock UOM : EA


Quad Lip Seal
Item #: RP14LLF-01K
**Price May Vary** UOM : EA


Quad Lip Seal
Item #: RP14LLF-02K
**Price May Vary** UOM : EA