In 1948, at the corner of 18th and Halsted in Chicago, Eugene H. Lynn opened the first of his three hardware stores. It was the third store though - located in Brookfield, IL - which would become the cornerstone of our future. In 1973, the name was changed to "Lynn Supply" and we began to actively pursue the industrial mill and janitorial markets.

Lynn Supply Hardware Store
Petrochemical Tanker

E.H. Lynn Industries became a corporation in 1976. During those three years, different customers were discovered for the range of products handled and the company found itself selling more and more hose, valves and fittings to the petrochemical market. In the early '80's, we made a decision to focus on bulk transportation carriers and nine years later moved to Broadview, IL.

The summer of 1995 again brought about major change to the company. The sons (John, aka "Chip," Greg and James) purchased all outstanding stock, thus establishing the next generation of leadership.

Since then, we have enhanced our sales force, instituted an ongoing "Total Quality Program," become a member of "Boston/Dana Certified Chemical Hose Distributors," started a rebuilding shop for much of the equipment we distribute and opened a "Customer Service Center" in Joliet, IL. However, due to our relocation to Romeoville, IL, the Joliet Service Center has since ceased operations (June 1998).

With special thanks to our major core customers, and over 500 other active supporting accounts, our growth has forced us to move into a larger facility in Romeoville, IL; the move occurred in November of 1998 - the year marking our 50th Year in Business!

In 2021, further changes occurred when the company was acquired by Hart Industries where the name of the company has become Lynn Industries. This team-up of both our companies will help boost service capabilities, satisfy the growing demands of our marketplace and strengthen our position in the industrial and transportation markets. For further information on this acquisition, you may refer to the Press Release.

E.H. Lynn Industries Romeoville Facility


E.H. Lynn Industries' mission is to offer our customers quality products, competitive pricing, customized programs and develop relationships based on trust and values while generating profitable growth to ensure our future stability for our shareholders and employees.

Our Quality Statement

1)  We resolve to consistently strive to enhance all levels of our service by use of teamwork within quality improvement circles.

2)  To maintain an environment where creativity and productivity are encouraged, valued and recognized.

3)  To sustain a relationship with our customers and suppliers based on mutual respect and integrity, and to work with them to continually search for new products, ideas and techniques.

4)  Consider only suppliers as partners who share our aspirations of achieving the highest quality standards.

5)  Engage in programs which help to improve the competitiveness of our industry.