We're happy to now carry Girard Equipment’s latest product development - the HydraFlo discharge valve. With a one-piece cast design, it is built to last with smooth and polished internals translating to faster unloading rates than ever seen before.

The HydraFlo has a familiar shape and occupies the same envelope dimensions of other popular brands. The HydraFlo is easy to disassemble and maintain with repair parts that are interchangeable with other brands. No internal trapped areas and smooth internal transitions will prove beneficial to any operator.

The bonnet is secured with a robust cast stainless steel clamping mechanism. A steam jacket is optional and the cast design allows for more uniform and complete heating of the entire valve body. The “Easy Turn” handle makes opening and closing the unit with a gloved hand simple and easy.

All surfaces both inside and outside are polished for easy cleaning and increased chemical resistance. In addition, the HydraFlo comes with a full 5-year warranty from date of purchase.


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HydraFlo Valve, 3 in TTMA Flg x 3 in NPT
**Price May Vary** UOM : EA