Receiving Party (Consignee) must inspect freight upon delivery and adhere to the following guidelines:


Visible Damage

  1. Before signing the delivery receipt, inspect your freight for possible damages.
  2. When accepting damaged merchandise, place a written notation on the delivery receipt.
  3. Always make a list of the following:
    1. Specific item(s) damaged, and the extent of the damage and the value of the damaged item(s).
    2. The extent of damage to the container (use specifics such as, “top left corner,” “crushed and torn,” “bottom right side dented,” “wet,” etc.
  4. Do not accept freight that is damaged beyond repair or is unusable. Note on delivery receipt, “Damaged Refused” and describe the items and number of pieces being refused.
  5. Photograph damaged merchandise valued over $200.



Concealed Damage

  1. When a shipment is delivered with no visible damage, but damage is discovered at a later time as in “concealed damage,” the following steps should be taken:
    1. Once damage is discovered, leave packaging intact and notify the carrier immediately (must be within 24-hours of delivery via phone and in writing within 15 days). Request that an inspection be made as soon as possible when value exceeds $200.
    2. Do not attempt to alter contents or packaging until inspection is made or claim is settled.
    3. Record the date and name of the person you contact on freight bill. If an inspection has been waived by the carrier, file a claim immediately.
    4. Photograph the damages during carrier inspection or only after inspection has been waived.


  1. Before signing delivery receipt, check the shipment for shortages.
  2. Examine the delivery receipt for a proper description and piece count.
  3. Determine the number of pieces missing for each time.
  4. If available, refer to packing list for possible shipper errors.
  5. Notify carrier immediately when shortage counts.
  6. Note the description and number of each item that is short on the delivery receipt.
  7. If carrier cannot locate missing items within 72-hours, initiate claim procedures.



Information needed to file visible Damage or Concealed Damage claim (MUST HAVE):

  1. Copy of original invoice.
  2. Copy of signed delivery receipt.
  3. Copy of inspection report (if damage is noted on delivery receipt and value of shipment is less then $250, this is not required).
  4. Should you accept damaged freight “AS IS,” indicate dollar amount your company is willing to accept for damaged item(s).
  5. Repaired Merchandise – if merchandise has been or will be repaired, include the actual repair invoice or repair estimate. If repair is to be done in-house by your workers, include internally generated invoice detailing parts used and labor involved to repair damaged merchandise.
  6. Replacing Merchandise – if merchandise has been replaced, include a copy of the replacement invoice and the replacement freight bill.



Salvage Retention:

  • Salvage must be retained until the claim is concluded.
  • Once liability has been accepted by the carrier, disposition of the freight should be determined at that time.
  • If retaining the freight is not feasible, the carrier has to be notified for disposition immediately.
  • Destroying the freight without authorization from the carrier could result in non-payment of the claim.



Information needed to file Shortage claim:

  1. Copy of the original invoice.
  2. Copy of signed delivery receipt with shortage notation.
  3. Replacing Merchandise – if merchandise has been replaced, include copy of replacement invoice and replacement freight bill.


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