Welcome to Shorty's Hose Shack!

The Ballad of Shorty's Sale Shack

Back-hauling empty up highway I-55

Getting close to Chicago towards the end of my ride

Pulled off at an exit to get me a snack

When I spotted some hoses ‘round a dilapidated shack

Curiosity won out while I sipped at my coffee

As I stared at the sign that read, “Welcome, Shorty’s”

Blue hoses, red hoses, green hoses and more

Large bore and small piled near the door

Then I spotted Shorty perched high on a coil

He was indeed small and covered in oil

He shook my hand hard and with a lopsided grin

Said, “Everything’s for sale, so come right on in!”

Overstock, clearance deals and prices that would not be beat

I stared in amazement and thought of the fleet

I took a bunch with me and you know I’ll be back

To pick-up some bargains at

Shorty’s Sale Shack!

Below you'll find Shorty's current inventory of hose remnants (lengths are listed by the foot unless otherwise indicated) and clearance parts. For the hose inventory, click on the links below, and be sure to check back often as stock will continuously change depending on availability; you'll have to contact a salesperson for pricing and to place your order. For the clearance parts, you can go ahead and place an order online:

When You're Ready, Contact Shorty for Pricing and to Order:

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Item #: EH-40D-AL
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Item #: EH-60DC-SSLH

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