MT-FAST Hopper Trailer Vibrator

Efficient + Safe = Savings

Hauling DDG, grains, or other difficult-to-unload materials in your hopper trailer can increase unloading time, create opportunities for serious operator injury and potentially damage your equipment, but now you can unload efficiently and safely with the brand new and patented MT-FAST™ Hopper Trailer Vibrator by Martin saving you time, money and costly injury.


MT-FAST Is Efficient
MT-FAST Is Easy To Use
MT-FAST Is Safe & Less Work

Efficient and Saves Time

The VAC-MOUNT™ Portable Vibrator can be instantly attached to any part of the hopper, allowing the material to flow easily from corners, valleys and crevices.

Easy to Use

The MT-FAST™ Hopper Trailer Vibrator uses the rig own air supply (less than 15 CFM required). This feature is so unique, it is patented - US Patent No. 9,499,085.

Safe and Less Work

Without an MT-FAST™ Hopper Trailer Vibrator, operators have to climb under the trap and manually hammer, poke and prod on the hopper to release clogged material.

The MT-FAST™ In Action


Features & Benefits

  • Faster unloading
  • Reduces downtime
  • Improves operator safety
  • Less damage to hopper and trap
  • Agitates settled materials and energizes flow
  • Needs no mounting bracket.
  • Quick-attach vacuum mounting base to locate the unit precisely where it’s needed



  • Weight:  < 10 lbs.
  • Force:  200 linear lbs. of force
  • Uses the rig's own air supply
  • Portable
  • Vacuum-mount
  • Explosion-proof
  • Washdown-safe
  • US Patent No. 9,499,085


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